The Group’s principal activity is the delivery of permanent and temporary recruitment services. Historically, the Group’s focus has been to provide these services to the built environment sector through its main subsidiary Macdonald & Company. Since 2008 the Group has successfully broadened its focus to include provision of recruitment services for customer insight staff in the market research and data analysis sector, branded as Prime Insight, to the energy, & environmental sector as Macdonald & Company and the pharmaceutical research sector as Prime Pharma.

In 2012 total net fee income, which, after profit, is taken to be the most important measure of performance for the Group, was £8.03m [(2011: 8.04m)]. Whilst Group net fee income at the half year was 8% ahead of the same period in the prior year, our second half saw increased rather than diminished economic uncertainty affecting both the UK and Middle East activity for our businesses resulting in a 10% fall in net fee income in the full year in these regions. By way of contrast, our Asia business continued to prosper and achieved an 80% increase in net fee income. Overseas revenue increased year on year resulting in the Group generated 33% of its net fee income outside the UK.

During the 2012 year, the Group increased its permanent consultant headcount within certain of its established areas of activity and broadened its business into new end markets. The larger part of the overall headcount increase was recruited to work in Asia operations.  

Principal Shareholders:
As at the date of the Rule 26 Report the principal shareholders as notified to the Company are:

Peter Moore 2,897,500    24.17%
Robert Macdonald 2,480,000 20.69%
John Lewis 1,180,550 9.85%
Peter Hearn 784,500 6.54%
The Cayzer Trust Company Limited     439,500 3.67%
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